Go Scuba diving in Komodo and discover one of the most species diverse locations in Indonesia. The island was initially made famous by the discovery of the komodo dragons, the largest lizard species on earth. A member of the monitor lizard family, this beast weighs up to 70 kg and measures up to 10 feet (3 m). A Komodo diving trip takes you to some of the most exciting dive sites in Indonesia, with very fast currents and an extensive range of features, including wall dives, pinnacles, sea mounts, shallow reefs and deep swim-throughs.

Komodo Island is relatively small compared to its neighbours, covering an area of 390 km2, and forming part of the Komodo National Park that was established in 1980. To the east lies Flores, and to the west, Sumbawa, comprising the Lesser Sunda island chain. Komodo Island is one of only seven locations in the world to have pink sand along its beaches. White sands have mixed with red foraminifera, essentially a plankton species, to leave a striking pink colour. Komodo National Park lies in the Wallacea Region of Indonesia and has been identified by both Conservation International and the WWF as a global conservation priority area on account of its environmental significance

diving in Komodo is one of the most thrilling Indonesian diving destinations, giving us memories not only from the Dives but also from the land excursions.


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