4 Days, 3 Nights

Up to 10 Dives

Day 1: Dragon Trek / Siaba Besar / Siaba Kecil / Night Dive

Day 2: Tatawa Kecil / Manta Point or Mauan / Batu Bolong

Day 3: Castle Rock / Crystal Rock / The Cauldron

Day 4: Sabolan Kecil

Silhouette of Scuba Divers

7 Days, 6 Nights

Up to 20 Dives

Day 1: Sebayor Kecil / Tatawa Besar – arrive from 09.30am

Day 2: Castle Rock / Crystal Rock / The Cauldron / Night Dive

Day 3: Golden Passage / Mauan / Batu Bolong

Day 4:  Wainilu / Dragon Trek / Siaba Besar / Siaba Kecil

Day 5: Tatawa Kecil / Manta Point / Crystal Bay

Day 6: Return to the North for 3 dives

Day 7: Sabolan Kecil – return to Labuan Bajo apx 12pm

Scubadiving Trips

5 Days, 4 Nights

Up to 14 Dives

Day 1: Sebayor Kecil / Mauan (Manta Cleaning Station)

Day 2: Three Sisters / Secret Garden / Pillarsteen

Day 3: Manta Alley / German Flag /Boulders / Torpedo Point (Night Dive)

Day 4: Cannibal Rock / Jimmy’s Rock / Yellow Wall

Day 5: Batu Bolong / Manta Point

Kayaking into Sunset

3 Days, 2 Nights


Tours Itinerary will be design to visit the famous & beautiful islands in particular Rinca and Komodo Island. These leisure Packages are perfectly to encourage you to see the Komodo Dragons and bring you to the fantastic trips with sailing through beautiful islands. you will enjoy the relaxation on white sandy beach, snorkeling in the clear seawater and trekking adventures in the wild savanna. 

Just e mail us and we will tailored the itinerary special for you

Woman Snorkeling with Stingray

6 Days. 5 Nights

Up to 17 Dives

Day 1: Sebayor Kecil / Mauan / Siaba Besar (Night Dive) – check in at 09.30am

Day 2: Batu Bolong / Manta Point / Batu Tiga

Day 3: Manta Alley / Lankoi Rock / German Flag 

Day 4:  Cannibal Rock / Yellow Wall / Torpedo Point (Night Dive)

Day 5: Three Sisters / Secret Garden / Pillarsteen

Day 6: Wainilu / Pengah  – 2pm depart at Labuan Bajo harbour.

Beach Vacation

Private Charter

Upon Request

Tell us how many days you need for your special trip, the goal of your trip, is there any special need , etc

we will do our best to accomodate your need.

Note :

  • The above timetable and itinerary are not fix and it will be subject to change according with the flight schedule or weather condition

  • Timetable on this tour will be tailored to the circumstances at the time of the tour execution

  • The above itinerary is based on estimation in which the exact times are depended on the weather conditions, flight schedules or other factors.


1. Airport Transfer

2. Dive Up to 10x 

3. Dive Tank

4. Weight

5. Dive master  ( 1 Dive master         for max 4 Diver)

6. Tour Leader

7. Full Board Meals


1. Return Flight

2. National Park entrance

3. Dive equipment

4. Insurance

5. Personal Expense

6. Mini Bar

7. Tipping



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